30 Years With you

30 Years Creating Style

ALPE as a company

From 1986, ALPE is known for quality and high-design shoe manufacturing. Our shoes, made in Spain, are available in the large store groups and in the independant boutiques. Day by day, ALPE shoes are being displayed in more shop windows around the world,and that is the best proof of our good work.


The company has been producing shoes for more than 25 years. During this time, due to our care and attention in using high quality leathers and materials, combined with creativity and fashion, our reputation has grown immensely.

ALPE in the world


Our work is recognized in markets across 5 continents. Currently over 30 markets are trendy thanks to our models, without paying more for it.

Our shoes can be found in Spain , France, England , Portugal , Ireland, Italy, Belgium , Croatia , Austria , Czech Republic , Poland, the Netherlands , Serbia , Greece , Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova , Ukraine , Sweden , Switzerland , Germany, Russia , Israel,  Morocco , South Korea , Japan , Chile, Colombia , USA and Australia.


ALPE with you


Every collection deserves a good presentation, and nowadays our presence both in the traditional media (radio, television and newspapers) and social networking is becoming more intense. The link with our customers is more powerful than ever, thanks to the use of these new channels, including a following of our designs and styles by some of the most influential fashion  and the increased traffic from our online store.


ALPE at your service


The manufacturing process is the sum of shoemaking tradition, using the latest technology and selecting the best leathers that your feet deserve. The philosophy of our design team is to create on-trend desirable footwear for the contemporary customer, who seeks quality, comfort and style at an affordable price. Always with our commitment to excellent customer service, in Spain and elsewhere in the world.